An Overview of Dust Suppression System

Dust Suppression System brings the sate of controlling the dust which is produced from the manufacturing industries and agricultural sites. It provides a small finest particle water fog that effectively attracts and holds dust particles so that they can be removed from the workplace and other environmentally sensitive areas. The Dust Suppression and Control system can also produce highly effective odor Controlling agents.

How It Works:

Dust Suppression System Works on high-pressure water fogging which creates a small finest particle of water fog consisting of very fine water droplets (less than 10-micron size). These small water droplets absorb every smallest dust particle in the air and will fall on the ground without wetness. Particularly used for dusty environments.


  • Low Initial price.
  • Low Operating and  Maintenance price.
  • Dust Suppression System requires 1000 psi High-pressure Pumps or Air compressor.
  • Dust Suppression System can also be installed for  60% of the conventional bag filter type system. It operates on five percent of the total energy of a conventional system.
  • Our dust suppression systems help you meet environmental standards: a variety of installations can reduce dust to required levels, for environmental and working safety standards.
  • The smallest droplets give maximum dust control.
  • Less Expensive to operate:
  • Less water and electricity consumption will save running costs.
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