Leading Dust Suppression and Control Spray System supplier and service provider for conveyor belt in India. Synergy Spray System provides automated spraying of water by activation of respective dust suppression system for conveyor belts, transfer points and Junction towers.  In addition to manual system, we provide automated activation of belt conveyors using sensors and roller sensors.

Our dust suppression system quickly suppresses dust at transfer points between conveyors and other machinery. These areas are a common source of airborne dust, which arises as material drops from one belt to another or into the inlet point of processing machinery.

Conveyor spray systems use both dry fog dust suppresion system, plain water or high pressure dust suppression system based on the material being transported in the conveyor. By reducing dust generation in these areas, the system keeps work areas, workers and machines clean and dust-free.

Dust generation can be suppressed by arranging a small number of nozzles near the dust generation point. Synergy Spray Dust Suppression Systems minimize the need for general building dust suppression and expensive dust collectors or dust collectors by capturing dust at the source and retaining it during processing.  Dust Suppression nozzle can be mounted on a slide and fogs open transfer points, but requires a greater amount of mist/fog. 

Types of Conveyor belt DSS

• Plaint water dust suppression
• Dry fog system
• High Pressure system
• Medium pressure system

Area of Application of Conveyor spray systems

• Coal Conveyors
• Clinker materials
• M-Sand crusher unit
• Sinter material conveyors
• Other material conveyors

Increased Control

• Can control the amount of water delivered by changing the run time of sprays
• Can easily change the system run frequency
• Can deliver different amounts of water on different parts of the haul road
• Day of week and hour of day variable control


• Manual activation
• Automatic Activation of Conveyor spray systems

Dust Suppression Conveyors Spray system

Synergy Spray systems is an growing dust suppression integrator helps overcome the challenge of creating safer roads and workplaces for people, industry and communities.

Our products also assist in making surfaces within mining, construction, infrastructure and farming projects stronger, longer lasting, as well as more cost-effective and environmentally responsible.
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