SYNERGY SPRAY SYSTEM is a leading manufacturer and supplier of dust suppression and dust suppression nozzles at best price in India.  Our range includes Stainless steel, brass and plastic mist nozzles customized as per customer specification. High pressure, medium pressure and low pressure mist fog nozzles are supplied based on dust source and application.
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A mist pattern is characterized by having a low flow rate of very small droplet sizes with almost no impact. High pressure dust suppression nozzles are effecive in controlling PM 10 dust.

In Addition to High pressure fine spray dust suppression misting nozzles, We also manufacture low pressure misting nozzle with Push fit connection. Low pressure push fit mist nozzles are available in 6 mm, 8 mm, 10mm and 12 mm connections.


Manufacturer of mist nozzle for dust suppression and controls dust by water spraying. Dust suppression mist nozzles produces very fine particles of less than 15 micron.

Dust suppression misting Nozzles deliver fog precisely where you want it, to do exactly what you need it to do, whether on a large or small scale, inside or outdoors.

Our dust suppression misting Nozzles are customisable, technologically advanced, versatile and energy efficient. 

Our systems aren’t solely used for suppressing dust: they’re used in a very broad range of applications, and every year we’re excited to discover more ways that fog can be used.

Currently, our dust suppression misting systems are used in a wide number of different industries. Recent projects included controlling the dust in a potato grading and packing facility and a power station wood pellet storage area.

Mist Nozzle for Dust Suppression available with range of orifice from 0.10mm, 0.15mm, 0.20 mm, 0.30 mm, 0.40 mm, 0.50 mm, 0.60 mm

These cleanable Anti-Drip nozzles provide long lasting performance for variety of applications with corrosive and higher viscosity liquids. Most common uses include mid/high pressure misting systems, mosquito/insect control systems, odor control and special effects.

Misting / Fog Nozzles Characteristics:

Stainless Steel Orifice
Fine Atomization
3/16 Thread
Stainless Steel Body

Built in Anti-Drip Feature

 High Pressure springs need 250 psi to open / Low pressure springs need 65 psi to open 100 psi is recommended. 

The 0.30mm nozzle is the medium sized standard nozzle orifice. At 1,000 psi (70 kg/cm2), the mean diameter of the droplets from this size orifice are 13.1μ with droplets ranging from 1.6μ to 39.1μ with a spray diameter of between 65 degrees and 75 degrees. 

The 0.30mm misting nozzle is ideal for applications requiring moderate flow with small droplet size. It is also commonly used for outdoor cooling applications. This nozzle can be used with any pressures at 100 psi or more.

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dry fog nozzles atomizes fluids by mixing of compressed air and pressurised water at low pressure.

Ideal operating pressure of water is 1 to 3 kg/cm2 ( 15 psi to 45 psi)
Aire pressure is 3 to 5 kg/cm2 ( 45 psi to 75 psi)

Flow rate can be as low as 6 LPH to 36 LPH (Liters Per Hour).

Its ideal for dust suppression, coating, cooling, lubrication, misting and fogging applications.


Low pressure nozzles controls bigger size particles.

Ideal operating pressure of water is 1 to 5 kg/cm2 ( 15 psi to 45 psi)

Flow rate can be as low as 1 LPH to 100 LPM (Liters Per Minute).
Dust Suppression and Control Sprink;ers


Dust Control and Suppression Sprinkler has a range of 8 meters to 65 meters radius.

Ideal operating pressure of water is 1 to 5 kg/cm2 ( 15 psi to 45 psi)

Flow rate can be as low as 20 LPH to 1000 LPH (Liters Per Minute).
fog cannons


In addition to manufacturing of water spray dust control nozzles, We manufacture and supply dust control fog cannons and designs, manufactures and integrate various types of dust suppression and control system in various industries

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Dust Control Fog nozzles and misting nozzles

The full cone or hollow cone pattern produced by many nozzles will break down into a fog/mist after a certain distance from the orifice.  If a cone pattern is desired then this breakdown into a true mist is not desirable.  But for some applications, the breakdown of the spray into a true homogeneous fog is the required result.  As such, there are a number of nozzles that are designed to specifically produce this effect.

A mist pattern is characterized by having a low flow rate of very small droplet sizes with almost no impact. Typically this pattern will be used for evaporation cooling, moistening and humidifying applications.

Anit Drip Fog / Mist Nozzles

Anti drip fog and mist nozzles helps save the liquid especially water when the pressure pumps are not in operation. it serves the dual purpose of saving water as well as prevention of floor wetting. This mechnism has a spring loaded with the stopper which gets activeed when the misting lines are pressurized. At normal pressure, its closed.

Application :

• Iron and Steel Plant
• Cement Plant
• Crusher Units
• Material Handling facalities
• Many More
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