At Synergy Spray, We supply and distribute Dust Suppression Chemicals from GreenFission Chemicals for effective dust contorls in various material handling operations including Mines, haul roads, conveyors and many other places

The Dust Suppressant are best for controlling dust on roads, mines and industrial areas. This suppressant helps in increasing the surface area of water droplets, which helps in covering more area and reduces the water consumption.

This unwanted fugitive dust controller is extensively well known for its unique characteristics like eco friendly, reduce water consumption, lower soil erosion, improvise vehicle productivity and easy to mix.

Reduce dust control costs and infrastructure maintenance costs;
Stabilize and strengthen soil by mixing binding agents and sometimes extra structure into the soil;
Control and monitor the Particulate Material (MP) to control dust emission from unpaved roads, crushers, stockpiles and other industrial process;
Optimize the use of water and additives under the highest standards of safety, quality and environmental impact;
Better logistics of your project with easier access and fewer vehicle journeys needed;
Access your site no matter the weather with your strong and weather-protected soil;
Lower permeability;
Reduce up to 50% of road depth required to reach your bearing capacity;
Push more workload with strong and compact surfaces at your site;
Reduce road material loans by using our ionic soil stabilization products for clay soils;
Prevent dust and other harmful material from coming off the roads and paths and into your site.


Will suppression system be used on the conveyor belts?


Should the water used in suppression be clean?

Yes the water needs to be pre filtered or the nozzles can get blocked due to dust

What will be the flow per nozzle?

It varies depending on the particle size.

What if the nozzles stop working?

Nozzles should be removed and cleaned

Will complete technical survey of site be done?

 Yes our team will visit the site and do the complete survey and answer all queries

When should I use this system?

This system is generally essential when there a lot of dust flying up in the air and causing severe pollution to the work places and well as nearby areas
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