Handling and Dust Suppression system for flue dust

Flu dust or airborne particulate matter, is a mixture of micron sized solid and liquid particles generated from blast furnace (Smelters or metallurgical furnace) particulaly in Iron and Steel manufacturing, Copper manufacturing, ect. These fine dust particles contains metal or metallic compounds. Since these flue dust particles contains metal compounds, it can be recycled in manufacturing of Cements. but, Handling of fule dust is a major challenge for steel manufacturing units. Because it can can cause serious health problems when inhaled. The health risks associated with flu dust includes respiratory dieases and cardiovascular problems, allergies, and even cancer.

Handling and Suppression of flue dust:
1. With help of dust Extractors and collectors, flue dust can be sucked into the Dust extraction system.
2. Dry fog system to supress the airborne fine dust particles.

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