SYNERGY systems have a long history of working with the force age industry. Specifically our spray nozzles have been sent widely in petroleum derivative force plants for desulphurization and different gas scouring applications. SYNERGY's silicon carbide twisting nozzles are quickly turning into an industry standard in vent gas desulphurization applications all throughout the planet. Not exclusively does the extreme earthenware development material offer predominant nozzle life time the twisting plan over critical upgrades in over all scouring proficiency meaning outflows targets are more reachable.

Nozzles for Flue Gas Desulphurization in Power Generation

The expulsion of contaminations from exhaust gases is a typical application in any non-renewable energy source power station. The essential guideline is to spray a liquid into the gas flow that will respond with the gas shaping a compound that will fall under gravity in this way eliminating the poison. Models incorporate the evacuation of sulfur dioxide by spraying basic lime slurry into the pipe this responds with SO2 to shape Calcium Sulfate (gypsum) and water. The gypsum is a strong at the temperatures being referred to thus tumble to the ground where it tends to be gathered and utilized for an assortment of building materials.

Ordinarily the nozzles utilized in such applications should item a generally fine spray over an enormous region however will likewise have to item a spray that won't be just cleared away rapidly by quick pipe gases.

Typically we suggest winding nozzles for such applications.

Nozzles for Fire Protection in the Power Generation Industry

By the actual idea of the business any petroleum product power station has a large number of fire perils close to costly resources. Fire assurance systems are separated from fire stifling systems in that they are not intended to extinguish a fire, rather their motivation is to shield a resource from harm once a fire has begun.

Models include:

  • Keeping unpredictable materials cool
  • Giving a water drapery to allow individuals to get away
  • Keeping flammable material wet
  • Shielding apparatus from fire harm

Nozzles for pipe gas desulphurization

While this application is really an illustration of gas scouring the achievement that Synergy has had throughout the years in improving emanations from power stations all throughout the planet implies FGD warrants its own part in our site.

The essential standards of FGD are the spraying of lime slurry into the pipe gas outflows from petroleum product copying. The lime spray responds with the sulphur dioxide in the gas framing gypsum which falls under gravity hence eliminating the corrosive downpour causing toxin.

Ca (OH) 2 (strong) + SO2 (gas) → CaSO3 (strong) + H2O (fluid)


Worry over the ecological effect of petroleum derivative consuming has brought about harder and harder guidelines and outflows focuses for power stations. Substantial fines for disappointment imply that consistence with targets is a business basic drive.

Improving execution

Synergy's twisting plans of nozzles regularly offer prevalent degrees of execution for gas cleaning applications. Regularly they will create a more modest drop profile than other comparative flow rate nozzles meaning an over bigger surface space of slurry present in the gas flow at any one time. These outcomes are more prominent reactivity and subsequently a more effective scrubber.

Materials of development

The climate for FGD is highly rough making metal nozzles unacceptable as a rule. Synergy fabricates nozzles for applications like pipe gas desulphurization in intense pottery like silicon carbide.

Key Spray Challenge - Large spray regions

Force stations are huge scope tasks and the spray nozzles used to scour emanation gasses happens in extremely huge pinnacles. Getting an adequately fine spray over the entire region is an impressive designing test. Definitely different varieties of nozzles will be required including a lot of line work yet the right decision of nozzle can help fundamentally lessen the channeling required.

Key in nozzle choice is getting the equilibrium directly between having little drop sizes (which is attractive for greatest response) and the span of the spray. A nozzle that that can convey fine drops over huge regions is ideal. The TF scope of twisting nozzles has precisely this mix of spray qualities and as an outcome is found in some 80% of pipe gas desulphurization establishments.

Essentially when assurance resources from fire over huge regions winding nozzle settle on an incredible decision

Spray Challenge – Spraying in threatening conditions

Regularly in spray applications at power stations the general climate is warm and fierce. This can requires uncommon material nozzles. Ceramics are regularly a decent decision. While they might be more fragile than their metal composite partners the unrivaled warmth and scraped spot obstruction of earthenware production settles on them the consistent decision. On the off chance that fragility is a worry, scraped spot and warmth safe metal amalgams can be used all things being equal.

Spray Challenge – Abrasion opposition

The spraying of slurries for gas cleaning can be especially wearing on the nozzles. Slurries are, by their actual nature, uneven and grating. The way that spraying is constant and should be at moderately high volumes just adds to the speed of wearing. Furthermore the spraying of liquid into a quick gas stream will imply that particles cleared along in the gas flow may cause wear on the nozzle.

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