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In spraying systems, nozzles break the liquid
into droplets and form the spray pattern. Nozzles
determine the application volume at a given operating pressure, travel speed, and spacing.

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The size of the spray particle is important because it affects both efficacy and spray drift of the application of a herbicide, insecticide, or fungicide. If the size of the spray particle (for example, 250 to 500 microns) is doubled and the application volume stays the same, you have only one-eighth as many spray droplets (Figure 1). For example, to gain optimum efficacy in weed control, a 10- to 20-gallons-per-acre (GPA) spray volume is typically recommended, with a medium droplet size suggested for contact, nontranslocating herbicides, and a coarse droplet size suggested for contact, translocating herbicides. Concern for drift may cause you to consider using larger droplet sizes and higher spray volumes.

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