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DRY FOG NOZZLE is Fine Air Atomizing Nozzle available in 1/4 Inch BSPT Connection. We are a leading manufacturers of dry fog nozzles in India which are widely used for dry fog system

Dry fog nozzles atomizes fluids by mixing of compressed air and pressurised water at low pressure.

Ideal operating pressure of water is 1 to 3 kg/cm2 ( 15 psi to 45 psi)
Aire pressure is 3 to 5 kg/cm2 ( 45 psi to 75 psi)

Flow rate can be as low as 6 LPH to 36 LPH (Liters Per Hour).

Its ideal for dust suppression, coating, cooling, lubrication, misting and fogging applications.


  • Biomedical Application
  • Spray dryer
  • Thin Film coating
  • Uniform coating
  • Semiconductor Electronics Application
  • Nano Technology Coating

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