Flat Fan Clip ON Plastic Spray Nozzle

Flat Fan Clip ON Plastic Spray Nozzle can be clipped over a pre-drilled hole.


Product Name Low Pressure Plastic Water Spray Clip-on Pipe Clamping Nozzle
Material of body Plastic
Material of clamp Stainless steel
Working pressure 0.3-4 bar
Clamp Size 3/4'' --- 2''  ( Pipe Outer Dia.: 27mm  ---- 60mm )
Spray pattern Flat fan
Spray angle 40 - 80 degrees


a. Adjustable ball plastic water spray nozzle with pipe clamp are made of plastic or PP (polypropylene) with long glass fiber to enhance performance of wear-resistance ,corrosion and heat resistance.

b. Clamp is made of high quality food grade 304 or 316 stainless steel

c. Three models of spraying :Full cone type, Hollow cone type and flat fan spray type

d. We supply the nozzles for various fields, with the biggest supply for coating or painting treatment or raining test during automobile manufacturing



Part Cleaning




surface treatment

easy adjusting and cleaning application


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