Three Phase Industrial Vacuum Cleaner



The DBF models are fixed vacuums designed to suck up dust or solid material continuously, usually on production machinery. They are available in two different versions: horizontal (with the turbine and the steel container fitted on a metal plate) or vertical (the steel container is fitted on top of the turbine).

The suction unit is a turbine motor of the “side channel blower” type: the fan being directly shafted on the motor shaft, this type of motor requires no transmission system and provides a performance of 2.850 RPM. It is thus completely maintenance free, ideal for non-stop and heavy duty performance, very silent and resistant. A pressure relief valve protects the motor from overheating in case of clogging of the filter or other blockings in the suction system


The lighter particles of the material mixture come into the lower portion of the filter chamber whereas the heaviest dust falls to the bottom. The dust particles are conveyed to the sleeves where they are collected. The inspection and maintenance operations are easy. The polyester filter enhances a large filtering surface area. The Manual Filter cleaning system has been fitted for periodic filter cleaning.


The Collection Container has been fixed on bottom of the filter chamber. This will collect the dust particles fall down from filter. A releasable steel container in Horizontal or vertical enables to dispose easily of the sucked up material


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