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Make the workplace a safer and more effective place to work. Employee happiness and significant revenue increases may result from cooling personnel, assets, and procedures. More relaxed employees are safer and more productive. Cooler equipment is more durable and productive. Mist cooling is a useful tool for accelerating a variety of cooling-related activities.

With traditional systems, it was previously impossible to cool big industrial warehouses, particularly those that had to run with doors and windows open. However, misting systems are now perfect for dissipating significant heat outputs from industrial operations or chilling vast areas (industrial sheds, garages, and workshops) (foundries, machinery). In some businesses, the cooling effect can be used with humidity management to boost production

Water is sprayed under pressure by specialised, proprietary nozzles that can produce very small droplets of fewer than 10 microns in diameter. These droplets are promptly absorbed by the air and do not wet the ground or the surfaces below. The outcomes are noteworthy: low installation and operating costs, instant effectiveness, cooling effect restricted to regions of interest, and ability to install in enclosed, semi-open, and open spaces.


  • Factory industrial misting systems
  • Defense open areas cooling
  • applications for spraying petrochemicals
  • misting construction sites in warehouses


When compared to conventional industrial air conditioning, misting systems have significantly lower expenses, which is a significant advantage. Since systems are provided in modular kits with Nylon tubing and quick couplings, installation is simple and rapid. Or misting systems are created to work with cheap operating costs and little maintenance.



  • Improve the efficiency of your team as a whole by installing air conditioning in specific interest areas.
  • Control of dangerous emissions such as fumes, gases, and dust
  • immediate drop in temperature
  • Costs for installation were cut by 75%
  • significant energy savings
  • Simple and affordable upkeep
  • reduced heat stress
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