Wind Barrier and Fencing System Supplier and Integrator in India

Wind break panels to control dust in Power plants and Coal mines

Synergy Spray systems is a leading integrator, supplier of wind break panles or dust control barrier in India. It helps in bulk material wind control and dust pollution control in the large-scale open-air yard, such as coal mines, power plants, material handling facalities, gypsum yard, ash handling yard.
A Windbreak wall, also referred to as a wind barrier or wind and dust fence, employs a specially designed perforated metal sheet with a specific opening rate to effectively mitigate the impact of wind and control dust. Its multifaceted functionality serves as a steel barricade to thwart the dispersal of dust and concurrently establishes a microenvironment for regulating air flow. This innovative technology is instrumental in achieving significant advancements in large yard windbreak and dust control.
The core principle of this technology involves the strategic utilization of the perforated metal sheet to maximize the dissipation of kinetic energy from the wind. By doing so, it actively reduces wind speed and prevents the formation of disruptive vortices, resulting in a highly efficient dust control and windproofing solution. The integrated design of our windbreak panel wall showcases a remarkable synergy in windproofing and dust control, offering a comprehensive and visibly impactful solution.
The performance metrics of our windbreak wall underscore its effectiveness, with the integrated wind and dust control effect reaching an impressive range of 65% to 85% for a single layer windbreak wall. This underscores the substantial success of the technology in curtailing dust dispersion and providing an efficient barrier against strong winds, thereby enhancing environmental conditions within the yard. The careful engineering of the windbreak wall demonstrates its ability to strike an optimal balance between wind reduction and dust control, making it a reliable and versatile solution for industrial and commercial applications.


Wind Barrier and Fencing System Supplier and Integrator in India
High strength, toughness, resistance to bending.
Anti-aging, anti-corrosion, rustproof, anti high temperature, and anti-acid.
Electrical insulation, fire retardant.
Flat and smooth surface can be colored in various colors.
Simple structure, easy to install and maintenance-free.
Long service life, generally up to 10 years.
Windbreak panels Details:
Material: steel plate, galvanized plate, color coated sheet, stainless steel sheet, nickel-plated bright sheet.
Surface treatment: electro static power coating.
Electrostatic Polyethylene spray color: blue, red, orange, green, yellow. Blue is the common color.
Length: 0.5m - 8.0m.
Common thickness 0.6mm, 0.7mm, 0.8mm, 0.9mm, 1.0mm. This is after coating thickness, and the coating layer is thickness 0.1mm.
Perforation holes shape: round, oval, rectangle.
Holes diameter: 6mm - 10mm.
Aperture Opening Rate: 30% - 40%.
Windbreak panel wall Application:
Power plants, coal mines, coking plants, coal washing plant, in order to save coal field.
Ports, terminals and markets a variety of coal storage yard.
Iron and steel, building materials, cement companies such as a variety of open-air yard.
Coal storage and station of Railway and highway transportation.
Construction sites, both sides of the highway and dust road.
Crops windproof, desertification weather dust and other harsh environments.

Hole pattern

Double top hole, single-row side hole.
Double top hole, double-row side hole.
Single-row top hole, single-row side hole.
Single-row top hole, double-row side hole.
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