Odor Control and Suppression misting System

Odor Suppression Misting system and Odor control misting system integrator and odor control chemical supplier in India.

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Synergy Spray systems offer best tool for odor treatment, odor control, and odor suppression misting in large areas designed for industrial as well as commercial applications. It can be effectively used in both indoor and outdoor odor control applications. In addition to the integration of fog and odor control misting, We supply Odor control and neutralizing chemicals.

Our misting systems are effective on both solid and liquid waste odor suppression system. The process involves the atomization of neutralizing chemicals (to block the odor perception), odor absorbers or completely natural bio-neutralizers that modify the natural decomposition and prevent the formation of odour by means of biodegrading action.

For indoor environment, high-pressure fog systems can be installed by adding nozzle rings on existing ductwork or fans, creating a network of misting tubes that covers the entire workspace. When the chemical is mixed with odor control liquids and chemicals, a series of chemical reactions reduces the odor in the facility. Due high-pressure misting setup, wetness reduces and uses water efficiently.

For Outdoor environment, millions of water atomized droplets act as water curtain when mixed with right odor suppression chemcials.


  • Water atomization has advantages as operating costs is low compared to other odour control systems.
  • Energy costs are very low
  • Quick installation

Application of Industrial and Commercial Odor Control systems:

  • Slaughter House.
  • Waste water treatment facalities
  • Landfills
  • Dairy processing units
  • Food production units
  • Bio waste processing units
  • Paper mills
  • Fertilizer manufacturing facalities


Odor Control and suppression misting System | fog and odor control systems | odor suppresion misting


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