Coal Dust Suppression Systems Effective Solutions

Dust is a major nuisance for coal-fired power plants to eliminate it effectively by using coal dust suppression systems. Coal dust enters the plant and machinery and reduces efficiency, causing downtime and increased maintenance costs.

India produces 100 million metric tonnes of coal every year, which creates dust from mining that affects the environment and health of employees as well as nearby communities. To help suppress dust in these areas, there are misting systems in place to produce water particles to reduce the amount of airborne dust near coal handling plants through suppression or removal mechanisms like settling or wetting agents (fluidized bed scrubbing).

Dust suppression systems on coal handling plants effectively suppress dust through dust control misting systems. Mist of water particles produced by fine atomizing of water, which is then used in coal handling plants to suppress dust through suppression mechanisms such as settling or wetting agents.

The following systems are used to suppress dust in coal-handling plants

  1. Mist or Fog based misting system
  2. Air Atomizing Nozzle system
  3. Ultrasonic misting nozzle system.
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