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Hopper is an important part of the material handling operations in Steel, Cement, minerals, Blue metal Crusher units and other material handling factories and facalities. During material handling, Dust tends to be out of the hopper which may cuase hinderance to the empolyees working on the site. Hopper Dust suppression system is a must to keep the area free from dust and improving the health of the employees.

Synergy Spray Systems designs, manufactures, erects and commissions dust suppression systems for hoppers in various industries.In Steel Industry we have a good experince in handling of dust in Iron ore gound Hoopers, Sinter plant ground hoppers, MBF area hoppers. Based on the site conditions and requirements, we use folllowing dust suppression techniques.

For Blue metal Crushers hopper units, Generally Low pressure Dust Suppression system is preffered due to bigger paricle sizes. Dust suppression system with Flat Fan nozzles are deployed in such areas.

For metal processing and cement manufacturing industries,  Eaither High pressure misting dust suppression system or Dry Fog system is used to control the dust effectively.

The advantages of utilizing dust suppression in Hoppers:

• Lessens respirable dust by 80%+ 
• Lessens visual dust 
• Limits transport slippage 
• Disposes of inordinate dampness content in material 
• Lessens chute blockages 
• Improves housekeeping guidelines 
• Expands safe work territories during activity

This “one-stop” dust management conveys the most operationally strong and practical arrangements across your whole plant area. 

Our suppression solutions can be utilized in a wide scope of uses like development, Quarries, Mills, semi-lasting streets, impermanent streets, underground work zones, uncovered territories etc.


Can hopper dust suppression system can be alongside dust collection systems?

Yes it can be used
Yes we can arrange smaller attachment in the dust exchange areas of conveyors
Water consumption will be very less, approximately 35-60 ml per nozzle
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