Synergy Spray Systems is a leading manufacturer and supplier of  rugged, low maintenance and ever lasting truck or tractor mounted fogging cannon / dust suppression cannon systems designed and engineered as per customer requirement to meet the unique operating environment. We can mount the fog cannons on trailer too.

Mist cannon dust suppression system is a mobile dust suppression equipment designed and manufactured by synergy spray system offers unmatched performance and longer life span compared to the cannons available in the market. 
Advantage of Fog Cannon Truck:

Close to 99% reduction efficiency of PM10 and PM2.5 dust particles.
Less than 2% moisture by volume added to the product.
Modular design capability for future expansion of fog cannon systems.
Low installation costs with no expensive plant modifications required.
Fog Cannons / mist cannons can be mounted on variety of trucks and trailers based on customer requirement.
Ability to customize based on unique operational requirements of the customers.

Options Available:

Standalone fog Cannons truck with Manual Swivel Option.
Standalone fog Cannon truck with Automatic Swivel Option.
Standalone fog Cannons with Remote Control Tilting and Turning Option.
Mist Cannons mounted on a Trailer

Fog cannons are a best choice for dust suppression and water dissipation in mines, quarries, building locales, destruction destinations, construction sites, demolition sites and other industrial territories. 

A Fog cannon siphons highly compressed water through a progression of fog nozzles, transforming water into fog through atomization. This fine fog is scattered through the air by an incredible fan. At the point when airborne dust particles crash into the fog, dust particles are caught, and along with water because of expanded weight, it returns to the source and doesn’t get an opportunity to spread.

Dust suppression fog cannon are  mounted on a trailer or a truck for simplicity of portability. 
Mist cannons can be utilized to smother dust in regions where wind assumes a significant part or for Water Evaporation in regions where exorbitant water is collected. 

Power Plants
Cement Plants
Steel Mills
Paper Mills
Casting units (Fettiling shops)
Coal mines
Sand quarries
Construction Sites
Demolition sites
Water treatement plants for evopration of waste water
Odour Control
Trees Cleaning
Coal yard
Hoppers and Conveyors
Mine blast sites
Truck loading and unloading points


How do the MIST / FOG cannons work?

Mist / Fog is created by the atomization of the mist liquid espically water. A large and optimized fan forces air aginst the spraying mist / fog particles and it carried over the atmosphere. When similarly sized water particles merges with the dust, Dust settles down.
No we provide anti-drip Nozzles
Periodic maintenence is required for the efficent operation of the fogging / misting cannons. If the inlet filter is mainted periodically, then the rest of the system works perfectly. Fog Cannons from Synergy Spray Systems comes with inbuilt Stainless Steel filters to filter away the dust / dirt particles
Absolutely not, its plain water that is being sprayed
Cannon fog throw can be made based on the customer requirements. throw can be customized from 20 meters to 110 meters in length.

What is the water comsumption of fog cannons mounted on a truck?

Our DSC-030 model consumes 12 LPM. DSC-050 dispenses 22 LPM and DSC-100 dispenses 30 LPM
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