The system of dust suppression by specialized process set up by Synergy spray comprises of a atomization of water, from which a fog or mist or spray is created which disposes of dust. Plain water dust suppression is primarly carried without addtion of any chemicals or dust binding material making it an ecofriendly method of suppressing dust. Several types of dust suppression techniques are used including Dry fog, which is accomplished through a managed combination of water at low pressure and compacted air through ultrasonic nozzles. A fog comprised of millions of miniature drops is created.

Complete plain water Dust Suppression Systems can be a very savvy choice to Dust Extraction Systems for dust control, especially in mass material dealing with plants. On occasion, it is the lone arrangement with regards to huge dust-inclined regions and reserves, which can’t be constrained by dust extraction for functional and monetary reasons.

The consideration of Dust Suppression Systems has gotten a norm, and is today a vital piece of a material taking care of system to forestall unnecessary dust pollution which disregards natural standards unfavorably influences plant and machinery life and activity and diminishes working environment efficiency. The system likewise has recompense as it forestalls loss of crude material during dealing with, and furthermore gives the extra advantage of not having an auxiliary contamination issue as the dust is held in the actual material.

The dry fog system, planned and created by Synergy Spray have the extraordinary ability of producing an unbelievably fine homogenous dry fog of which the water drops measure 1 to 10 microns, permitting high-execution adequacy.

Our dry fog nozzles work by soaking the surrounding climatic conditions with a volume of fog in which the dust particles wind up grouped with drops of water of a similar molecule size.

Carefully designed dry fog dust suppression system are based on assessing various parameters, designs and calculations. We get a powerful spray of atomized water particles of various entry points however a similar size. The dry fog nozzles consumes an extremely low amount of water of somewhere in the range of 2.1 and 5.0 liters each hour and by spout contingent upon the set up, making it the most affordable available. Our dry fog nozzles are prepared to consummately coordinate with a wide range of connectors and accessories. We consequently have an all inclusive mounting which needs no change to your current systems. At long last, the most recent age DRY FOG nozzles are totally special and are furnished with a supported resonator (on the spout head). It is likewise easily removable, which permits simplicity of (and modest) upkeep.

Likewise, it can successfully address the rising worries towards Health, Safety Environment, and is in this manner the common and consistent decision in the industry to help diminish 

Advantage of plain water Dust suppression System :
• No chemicals or Binding materials
• Reduces Dust exposure to the functioning staff
• Reduces Dust pollution on the plant surroundings
• Cost Effectie


What is dry fog?

Dry fog is the phenomenon where the spray droplets produced by atomized fog nozzles are lesser than 10 microns in size.

Will it wet the surrounding area?

No, dry fog will not cause wetness as it uses a minute quantity of water.

What is the water pressure required for the system?

It requires approximately 15 bar of pressure

What is the water quality required?

Water should be clean and free from harmful contaminants. A pre-filter does come as part of the system.

Does wind effect the direction of the fog?

Yes it does

What is the water pump being used?

A high pressure water pump is used with two variants, Indian and Italian.

How big is a micron size for dry fog dust suppression system ?

A micron is very small size in the range of 5 microns to 20 micros. For example, the human hair thickness is 50-70 microns wide.
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