SYNERGY SPRAY SYSTEMS misting devices works on evaporation cooling technology. Whenever a water molecule in the micron size ejects out of a misting nozzle orifice, it gets evaporated in the atmosphere. Each micron water molecule that becomes water vapor takes a parcel of heat away from the atmosphere. This process is called evaporative cooling. Our Misting systems use evaporative cooling to lower the temperature of the surrounding subject area as well as used in various commerical and Industrial applications. Evoporative cooling can reduce temperature up to 12 degrees centigrade.
with our dedicted installation and servicing team, we help our clients in maintenance and management of Misting system. Our package also include DIY misting system suitable for home gardens and other uses.
Our Misting Systems are widely used in various application including
• Industrial cooling system
• Humidification of Greenhouse
• Dust Suppression Systems
• Odour Control System
• Energy Consumption in Air Conditioned plants
• Animal and livestock cooling
• Adiabatic Cooling
• Cooling of common area including Railway station, Air ports
• Agricultural and Greenhouse applications
• Hydroponic and Aeroponic appliations
Please find the list of misting system products and packages that we offer in the below section.
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Dust suppression system: +91 86100 00128
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