Waste Water evaporation plant supplier in India

Fog cannons and misting system for waste water evaporation treatment

Synergy Spray systems is a leading integrator, supplier of waste water evopration system. We use uniqe misting / fogging technology to evoprate mist in to the atmosphere. Water evopration is based on the quality of water to be evoprated. incase the water doesnot meet the quality, specially formulated chemicals will be added before the evopration process to neaturlize odor and harmful substance present in the waste water. Water water can be evoprated with a misting / fogging cannon or with help of a standard misting system

Waste Water Evaporator  Fog cannon can works with various standards and components. One of types is absolutely precisely determined system with electrical engine inputs, here in likewise we can offer distinctive kind of system with various fundamental standards for activity of the fog dissipation / evopration. While, mechanical one can be inclined to maintenance during it life time, we additionally offer other cutting age innovation, which is without inconvenience system, with uncovered incidental maintenance. 

Waste Water Evaporator Canon system is generally utilized in India  for Waste Water Evaporation and furthermore utilized for suppression of flying dust on different application, It is a rough and exceptionally productive system. In contrast to different kinds of dust suppression, it productivity is extremely high. In some of uses just and just Fog standard is extremely fruitful, especially when it is an open region. 

Waste Water Evaporator fog canon is ordinarily mounted on near a pond where water is stored in order to save spaces and it tends to be moved from one area to other area.

In industrial applications, where abuse of water can be issue, at such areas, waste water Fog  evopration will be more helpful and are more appropriate than other methods

In fixed sort, Waste Water Evaporator  Fog Cannon will smother the waste water single way, while in Rotating type; it can pivot and stifle the waste water in various ways. Fog ordinance turn around on its pivot by 90 deg, 180 deg or up to 330 Deg. according to customer necessity, we exclusively plan and production the standard fog. 

Revolution of Waste Water Evaporator  Fog canons helps in suppression of dust practically all the way around its pivot inside the polar circle falling in its reach. We supply Waste Water Evaporator Fog standard for an expendable reach up to, 35m, 50m,60m, 70m, and 100m, 150m, 200m, supplies both fixed sort and auto pivoting type. Level of development can be 0 - 180 Deg, 0 - 355 Deg even fixed as well

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