Select Air Atomising Spray Nozzles for Your Application

Choosing the right air atomising spray nozzles for your application is a big decision. You want to make sure you are getting the best product and that it will do what you need in order to reach your desired outcomes. Air atomizing spray nozzles can be used in many different applications, from coating, painting, and humidification - depending on the type of nozzle needed - so be mindful that there is more than one option when selecting an air atomizing sprayer nozzle.

Atomising spray nozzles are used in a variety of industries including agriculture, automotive, chemical industries, food processing, air-atomizing spray drying, water atomising spraying, and more.

Aerating nozzles create a stream of air that is broken up into tiny droplets by the nozzle plate as it rotates over its surface. Air atomization sprays are typically used in industrial applications such as air-atomizing spray drying, where accurate application control is required.


Air Atomizing Nozzles Spray Pattern Applications
Internal Mixture Siphon Flat Fan Flat Fan type Application where very less viscous fluid is applied.
Internal Mixture Deflected Flat Fan Flat Fan type An application where very less viscous fluid is applied and flow is perpendicular to the nozzle placement
Internal Mixture wide angle Multi-directional flow Low Viscous fluid where multi-directional flow is required. Best for dust suppression application
Internal Mixture Jet round Jet flow pattern For Pointed surface
External Mixture Narrow round Narrow stream For Pointed surface
External Mixture Flat Fan Flat Fan type Flow like a sheet of paper
Ultrasonic Fine Spray Nozzle Flat Fan type For fine spraying application. tablet coating
Paint Spray Atomizing Nozzle Flat Fan type or round jet Paint spraying and Oil spraying application


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