Using Eductor: Mixing Two Fluids

You may be wondering, what is an eductor? Well, it's a liquid tank mixing nozzles that can help you to mix two fluids in the tank and maintain chemical or liquid ratio. In this article we will share with you how liquid tank mixing nozzles work and why they are so important when designing your liquid storage system. Understanding how liquid tank mixing nozzles work will make it easier for you to choose the right jet mixer nozzle for tanks.

- liquid jet mixer nozzles: liquid tank mixing eductors work similarly to the way a jet orifice works in an atomizer, except they are scaled up and designed to mix two fluids at once. A jet orifice mixes fuel with air before it enters an engine. The liquid tank mixing eductor mixes liquid from a lower level in the liquid storage tank with liquid at the higher levels, by injecting one fluid into another through an orifice (or nozzle) that is positioned between them to maintain chemical or liquid ratio.

The two most common methods of mixing the contents of a tank, other than eductors, are mechanical agitation using a propeller (or agitator) on the end of a shaft, or using a jet of compressed gas.

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