Sanitizer Spray Mist nozzle

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Sanitizer Mist spray nozzle

Misting nozzles function in cooling by atomizing pressurized sanitizer into aerosol particles that “flash-evaporate”. The smaller the water droplets, the better the cooling. throw of mist nozzles can go up to 2 to 3 meters. Higher the pressure, fine mist is produced

Sanitizer Mist spray nozzle with orifice 0.30 mm and 0.50 mm

These cleanable Anti-Drip nozzles provide long lasting performance for variety of applications with corrosive and higher viscosity liquids. Most common uses include mid/high pressure misting systems, mosquito/insect control systems, odor control and special effects.

Misting System Nozzles Characteristics:

Stainless Steel Orifice
Fine Atomization
3/16 Thread
Stainless Steel Body
Built in Anti-Drip Feature


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